Aythyr - Through the Ages
Posted 3 mins ago

It has seemed an age since I first caught whispers of the Perth-based studio project Aythyr. Given the busy schedules of the members involved, it is unsurprising that a first…

Aythyr — Through the Ages
New Torche song 'Andy Low' on Robotic Em
Posted 2 days ago

It’s amazing there aren’t more bands like Torche. But maybe that’s to be expected; for so long we’ve been led to think that metal and melody are warring factions, that…

New Torche song ‘Andy Low’ on Robotic Empire compilation
Antennas to Heaven: Meshes of Voice
Posted 2 days ago

It’s all in the name. Meshes of Voice sees the pairing of Norwegians Jenny Hval and Susanna Wallumrod in musical symbiosis, using their largely unadulterated vocals to present a strong…

Antennas to Heaven: Meshes of Voice
Two Minutes With DEAD
Posted 7 days ago

We spend a couple of minutes with DEAD ahead of their support slot for Torche in Melbourne and find out what’s new…

Two Minutes With DEAD
Anger Management: Decapitated
Posted 8 days ago

Polish tech-death metal masters Decapitated are back again to pulverize eardrums with their latest effort Blood Mantra, the second album in this "comeback era" for the band.

Anger Management: Decapitated



life is noise is proud to announce, for the first time ever in Australia: TORCHE.

No one else sounds quite like Torche…

From their blistering melodies to their bulldozer guitar riffs, the Miami four-piece are one of the most… Read More


When Sleep broke up in 1998, it looked like their magnum opus – the sprawling, hour+ long, single-track slice of epic stoner goodness that’s now known as Jerusalem or Dopesmoker – would never be heard. Now Sleep are back with their first piece of new music since 1998 with what guitarist Matt Pike describes as “the lyrical follow up to a lifetime of marijuana enjoyment” – The Clarity. Read More

Factory Floor

Our friends at Slanted and Enchanted are excited to present North London hypnotic post-industrial disco vendors, Factory Floor, on Saturday, December 13 at The Bakery on their first ever Australian tour, which includes an appearance at Meredith Music Festival. Read More

Tour Rumours

We here at life is noise have got our ear to the ground, and have heard the odd rumour or two of acts that may or may not be coming to Australia. While we obviously make no guarantees, our top… Read More