Two Minutes With The Ruiner
Posted 20 mins ago

We spend a couple of minutes with The Ruiner and find out what's new...

Two Minutes With The Ruiner
Anger Management: Death
Posted 2 days ago

Death's Human was not as raw as its predecessors for early 90s recording standards, and was a huge notch on the belt for Jim Morris’ Morrisound studio in Tampa, which…

Anger Management: Death
Merdarahta - As The Dark Clouds Swept Aw
Posted 3 days ago

Merdarahta’s new record is a confronting and focused beast of absolute darkness, from head to tail. The listener is initiated through wailing drones trembling and cackling over a cold husk…

Merdarahta — As The Dark Clouds Swept Away We Could See The Sunset
Antennas to Heaven: Viet Cong
Posted 4 days ago

Rising from the ashes of defunct Canadian band Women, Viet Cong have emerged reconfigured, pushing their earlier, jagged post-punk towards hazier pop spectrums on their self-titled release, with sculpted melodies…

Antennas to Heaven: Viet Cong
A Minute With Leeches
Posted 8 days ago

We spend a minute with Leeches and find out what's new...

A Minute With Leeches


EYEHATEGOD tour cancelled due to health issues

life is noise is disappointed to announce the cancellation of EYEHATEGOD’s Australian tour due to health issues.

Mike Williams from the band has been unwell for some time, recently having to cancel his tour with his other band… Read More

Tour Rumours

We here at life is noise have got our ear to the ground, and have heard the odd rumour or two of acts that may or may not be coming to Australia. While we obviously make no guarantees, our top… Read More