Sounds Like Hell: Volunteer
Posted 2 hours ago

When Robert Christgau pioneered the term pigfuck to describe the harsh sounds of Sonic Youth, he probably had no idea he’d inadvertedly coined a subgenre of plodding, subterranean, guitar-driven noise…

Sounds Like Hell: Volunteer
Menace Ruin - Venus Armata
Posted 1 day ago

There is a growing wave of feeling that Menace Ruine are far ahead of their peers blending the medieval with darker and heavier sounds. Venus Armata has an emotional heaviness,…

Menace Ruin — Venus Armata
Antennas to Heaven: Dorval & Devereaux
Posted 4 days ago

It seems to be the year of the collaboration in experimental music circles with stellar releases from Scott Walker + Sunn O))), Battle Trance, Jenny Hval & Susanna as well…

Antennas to Heaven: Dorval & Devereaux
Anger Management: Devin Townsend
Posted 9 days ago

Ziltoid is back! The coffee-loving alien hell bent on world domination has returned in this sequel of sorts, titled Z2 (Ziltoid Squared). Devin Townsend originally formed the concept of Ziltoid…

Anger Management: Devin Townsend
Craig's List: Ike Release
Posted 10 days ago

MOS Recordings presents its next album project, namely a debut solo full length from Chicago's Ike Release, which has been aptly titled Noir. Ike is an accomplished solo producer as…

Craig’s List: Ike Release



When Sleep broke up in 1998, it looked like their magnum opus – the sprawling, hour+ long, single-track slice of epic stoner goodness that’s now known as Jerusalem or Dopesmoker – would never be heard. Now Sleep are back with their first piece of new music since 1998 with what guitarist Matt Pike describes as “the lyrical follow up to a lifetime of marijuana enjoyment” – The Clarity. Read More

Factory Floor

Our friends at Slanted and Enchanted are excited to present North London hypnotic post-industrial disco vendors, Factory Floor, on Saturday, December 13 at The Bakery on their first ever Australian tour, which includes an appearance at Meredith Music Festival. Read More

New Year’s Evil

This New Year’s, you’re invited to a killer party…” starring an infamous local line-up of some of life is noise’s most beloved acts, plus those chosen bands’ handpicked selections, including Tangled Thoughts of Leaving, Drowning Horse, Scalphunter, The Devil Rides Out and many more! Read More


For over a quarter of a century, Eyehategod have carried the torch for the metal culture of New Orleans, sharing stages with the likes of Pantera, Goatwhore and Crowbar. And in two and a half decades, they’ve helped define the NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana) sound: downtuned, blues-inflected guitars awash in furious distortion, underpinning the demonic screams of Mike Williams over a thundering rhythm section. Read More

Tour Rumours

We here at life is noise have got our ear to the ground, and have heard the odd rumour or two of acts that may or may not be coming to Australia. While we obviously make no guarantees, our top… Read More