Craig's List: Paula Temple
Posted 7 mins ago

Paula Temple returns to R&S with her second release Deathvox EP, featuring three tracks as exciting and daring as her superb debut Colonized EP.

Craig’s List: Paula Temple
Antennas to Heaven: Vessel
Posted 1 day ago

In 1977, music from Bach, Stravinsky, Blind Willie Johnson and Chuck Berry, among others, was placed aboard Voyager Spacecraft and sent into orbit in hope that extra terrestrial life or…

Antennas to Heaven: Vessel
Sounds Like Hell: Helms Alee
Posted 4 days ago

Between Southern Lord, Profound Lore, Neurot Recordings and Relapse Records, there’s a huge amount of new, forward-thinking heavy music being released every year, but few labels boast the variety of…

Sounds Like Hell: Helms Alee
Earth - Primitive and Deadly
Posted 5 days ago

There are two kinds of “genius” in the music industry, it seems. There are those who make gluttonous oafs in suits (never enough) money. They collude with corporations to persistently break…

Earth — Primitive and Deadly
Interview: Torche
Posted 6 days ago

Torche are renowned worldwide for their superb blend of emotive catchiness with flesh-stripping heaviness. Emerging out of Miami, Florida, the band’s distinctive sound is the product of the coming together…

Interview: Torche



life is noise is proud to announce, for the first time ever in Australia: TORCHE.

No one else sounds quite like Torche…

From their blistering melodies to their bulldozer guitar riffs, the Miami four-piece are one of the most… Read More


When Sleep broke up in 1998, it looked like their magnum opus – the sprawling, hour+ long, single-track slice of epic stoner goodness that’s now known as Jerusalem or Dopesmoker – would never be heard. Now Sleep are back with their first piece of new music since 1998 with what guitarist Matt Pike describes as “the lyrical follow up to a lifetime of marijuana enjoyment” – The Clarity. Read More

Factory Floor

Our friends at Slanted and Enchanted are excited to present North London hypnotic post-industrial disco vendors, Factory Floor, on Saturday, December 13 at The Bakery on their first ever Australian tour, which includes an appearance at Meredith Music Festival. Read More

Tour Rumours

We here at life is noise have got our ear to the ground, and have heard the odd rumour or two of acts that may or may not be coming to Australia. While we obviously make no guarantees, our top… Read More