A Minute With Tangled Thoughts of Leaving

In the latest edition in our series of interviews with Perth artists, we spend a minute with Tangled Thoughts of Leaving and ask them a thing or two…

Describe your music in five words or less.
Demanding, Fierce, Progressive, Clive Waterhouse.

What’s going on right now in the world of Tangled Thoughts of Leaving?
It’s a busy time in our camp. We’re currently rehearsing all the new album tracks for it’s impending release tomorrow night (July 15) at the Bakery. The creation of this album was very nearly the end of us in a pretty brutal summer of classic arguments, binge drinking and no compromises. That said, it’s now well and truly in the bag we’re beyond excited to be sharing it with Perth and the rest of the world.

Aside from that we’re putting the final touches on an Eastern States tour.

What are the worst and best gigs you’ve ever played and why?
Worst gig is a funny one. Over our 7 years we’ve played some absolute doozies. I think my sentimental favourite would be a gig called Noise in 2007. We were just starting to find our identity as a band, and to prove it we were debuting this massive track at our biggest gig yet. The gig didn’t go so bad but the review of the show called us a “Pseudo Jazz Embarrassment”. They went on to explain that we’ve abandoned the concept of song and that we need to go back from where we came from. We thought it was hilarious and really took the ‘abandoned the concept of song’ tag to town on our next release Tiny Fragments. Best gig? I think our favourite show was perhaps playing with Nadja at Mojo’s last year.

Tell us something about your music that we might not know.
We tend to have visual concepts for each movement opposed to a larger concept that covers an entire album. We write these concepts down and often put them up on the walls to remind ourselves of what actually inspired the song to start with.

You’re putting together your perfect local gig? Who would you get to play and where? Feel free to include acts/DJs/bands/venues that no longer exist.
We’d have Drowning Horse and Eleventh he Reaches London at the Bakery, perhaps in September.

Fuck it, why not add Russian Circles (rules are meant to be broken). Hold on! That’s a real show, and it’s about as good as it gets in our opinion.

Deep Rivers Run Quiet by TToL

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  1. Bradley Lindsay

    Haha nicely plugged Russian Circles Show.

    I think I met you pseudo jazz embarrassments at that gig.

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