A Minute With Adam Said Galore

In the latest edition in our series of interviews with Perth artists, we spend a minute with Adam Said Galore ahead of next week’s gig supporting Marnie Stern (tickets here) and chew the fat…

Describe your music in five words or less.
Matt, Simon & Andrew’s rock.

What are the worst and best gigs you’ve ever played and why?
The worst was when a venue billed us as David Said Galore. The best was when we supported Trans Am; they taught us many invaluable lessons, such as — push ups before a show are essential, doing coke doesn’t mean you’ve sold out, fluorescent tanks tops make ideal onstage garments. Another highlight was in Sydney when a timid kid came to the front of the stage, rolled up his sleeve and revealed a full arm tattoo of the cover artwork from Of Lost Roads.

What’s going on right now in the world of asg?
We’ve remastered our past three albums Domino Comfort, The Driver is Red and Of Lost Roads. They’ll be released on a certain record label??? New tunes exist, but given that the project has been running for a very long time, we’ll fall back on the ASG philosophy of “don’t rush it man”. New releases will probably come out in 2012.

Tell us something about your music that we might not know.
Adam Said Galore played our first show in high school. The door charge was 50 cents and we walked away with $130. The set was a mix of our own tunes, some cool and some not so cool covers. One of the songs was Radiohead’s ‘Creep’. Andrew was acing the song in rehearsal, even being pitch perfect on the ultra high operatic outro. Unfortunately during the show puberty kicked in and his voice bent and cracked causing Andrew to exclaim, “FUCK” as loud as he could into the PA. Subsequently we never played any more high school shows.

You’re putting together your perfect gig? Who would you get to play, why and where? Feel free to include acts/DJs/bands/venues that no longer exist.
On top The Perito Moreno Glacier during a rupture cycle (google it). Music would be the John Williams Orchestra performing the soundtrack to Star Wars with Blue Tile Lounge amongst the orchestra.

Adam Said Galore — Headlights Down by life is noise

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